In the offseason, Joe Kelly signed a 3-year, $25M deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This week, pitchers and catchers reported for the club and Kelly found himself training in the Cactus League for the first time in his career.

After throwing his first official bullpen of the spring, Joe caught up with Sportsnet LA’s Alanna Rizzo. When ask about his usual routine early in camp, he had this to say,

So mine’s [routine] been a little bit different year in and year out. I was a starting pitcher at one point, but ever since I got moved to the bullpen, I guess I threw more bullpen’s with less pitches, so the workload wasn’t as much. Sometimes I’d throw 10 pitch bullpens in the offseason — I kinda like that better than throwing 40 pitch bullpens twice a week. I’d rather go four times, three times, 10 pitches.

But as you get older, you gotta find ways to taper. And whether it’s not lifting as much, not lifting as heavy; it’s one of those things where — this is like my ninth or tenth big league camp now — so you learn every year. I don’t have the perfect formula for spring training or how to get your body right, but I’m pretty close I feel like.


Joe is still settling in with his new teammates at Camelback Ranch, but everything seems to be moving well.