During the 2018 season, Joe Kelly was suspended for 6 games by Major League Baseball for his actions in inciting an April 2018 brawl between the Red Sox and the Yankees. Not that the rivalry need help with bad blood.

While serving his suspension, Kelly watched the game from a couple of new vantage points.

“I got suite tickets from [president] Sam [Kennedy],” said Kelly.

But during that particular game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Joe noticed the score and had to find a way to help

“we had no runs, so gotta get out of the suite and be able to switch it up.”

With an entourage of security guards, he bounced around the park, first stopping by the bleachers. There, some fans asked for pictures and stopped by to say hi. For one young fan, it was his first game. Joe shared his own story with the fan:

“It’s also my first game in the bleachers. I’m in timeout.”

Joe had some high remarks for the venerable Fenway Park after his outing.

“There are literally no bad seats,” Kelly told WEEI. “I sat way far away and everything looked good. I’m like, ‘I can watch the game here.’ It’s not that far away. It’s a good point of view everywhere.”

Some Reddit fans found Kelly out amongst the masses too, with one posting a shot featuring the caption of “Joey Fisticuffs suspended in the stands.” 

To say that Joe had reached something of cult hero status in Boston after the brawl would be a bit understated. One local outfitter produced “Joe Kelly Fight Club” t-shirts almost immediately after the game.

Beyond the bleachers, Kelly also made his way to the Sam Adams Decks, and most importantly, willed his Red Sox to comeback and defeat the Rays by a score of 4-3.