In April of 2018, Joe Kelly was suspended by major league baseball for his actions in a brawl between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

Joe Kelly Fight Club 2018


While he sat out 6 games — and even caught some game action with fans at Fenway Park — there was some good to come from the ordeal.

Working together with Mission 108, Joe and his wife Ashley created the #JK56COMEONChallenge to help end human trafficking. Local Boston outfitter Sully’s Brand got on board to help with the challenge by offering a free “Joe Kelly Fight Club” t-shirt to anyone that donated $50 or more.

On top of donations, supporters were encouraged to submit their best impression of Kelly’s famous “come on” line, which incited the April 11 brawl at Fenway Park. The best impressions were awarded a prize.

The month long challenge helped raise a total of $28,256.89, but most importantly, it helped raise awareness through Mission 108 to “support prevention & aftercare programs for sex trafficking survivors, and advocate for the vulnerable.”

Philanthropy: Joe Kelly in the Community